Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Mathewson DC

Bring Change 2 Mind

Celebrate Foundation


Gifts That Benefit Many Generations

Endowed funds create possibilities today and provide a revenue source to the school in perpetuity. These gifts contribute to student scholarship and financial assistance, faculty salaries, benefits and professional development, and academic awards and programs. We are profoundly grateful for the donors who contribute to the endowment and provide lasting support for Sacred Heart education in San Francisco.

The list below represents gifts and pledges made to endowed funds from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. The full list of endowed funds can be found in the Endowment Descriptions section.

Anne Watcher, RSCJ Scholarship

Ms. Helen Hu &

  Mr. Michael Yang DC

Chandrashekhar L. Pradhan Endowed Fund for Science

Dr. Monica Lopez &

  Mr. Sameer Gandhi DC

Dr. Mary Magnano Smith Scholarship

Ms. Amy M. Kirtland

Elvera Fusco Endowment Fund

Elvera L. Fusco Revocable Living Trust

Endowed Fund for Computer Science in Honor of Doug Grant

Mr. & Mrs. John Brooke DC

Dr. Mayumi Nakagawa '78

Endowment in Support of Facilities

Mr. Richard L. Chenault DS

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Grassi

Esther Rossi Award

C.A. Wall Family Foundation

Gordon Sharafinski Scholarship

Mrs. Jeanne Ferrari Quinlan '52'48

Mr. & Mrs. Reid Schar

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Schar

Ms. Helen Hu &

  Mr. Michael Yang DC

Mary Mardel, RSCJ Mission &
Chapel Fund

Mrs. Christine De Voto '68'64
Mrs. Jeanne Ferrari Quinlan '52'48

Mrs. Robert Gooby

Mrs. Sandra Graham '63'59

Mrs. Maureen Harty Specchierla '61'57 &  
  Mr. Lawrence A. Specchierla

Mrs. Maria Lastreto Larrenaga '68'64

Mrs. Michelle Lastreto O'Neal '64'60

Mrs. Barbara O'Dea McGettigan '59 &
  Mr. Neal McGettigan

Ms. Virginia Murillo '48'44 DC

Mrs. Catherine Murray '53

Mrs. Lorraine Smith Scullion '76'72 &
  Mr. James Scullion

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc

Sr. Ann Conroy Award for Faculty/Staff Excellence

MEK Family Foundation

Ms. Maryann Kirchner DS

Virginia Conway Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Cherie "Cookie" Conway Cattaneo CES'67

Ms. Mary Conway CES '72

Mr. John Conway SHB'64

The Conway Family Charitable Fund DC

E. Ward Minchin &
  Marie Minchin Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Mary Lee Casey Fund

Ms. Sheila Casey '83'79

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Schar

Mr. Richard Slattery

DC Director's Club member DS Duchesne Society member  * Matching Gift

Special Gifts

Convent & Stuart Hall gratefully acknowledges those donors who have made significant contributions to strengthen programs at the school. Programmatic support enriches the learning experience for all of our students and benefits the entire community. 

The list below represents gifts and pledges made to endowed funds from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. 

Elementary School Programs

Mr. & Mrs. Wylie S. Peterson DC

Faculty Enhancement

Celebrate Foundation DC

Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Mathewson DC
Mrs. Ruth Hauser Wu &

  Dr. Roger Wu DC

General Operations

Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation

High School Programs

Bring Change 2 Mind

Jewish Family & Children's Services

Historical Preservation Fund
Scholarships & Financial Aid 

Anonymous (1)

Dr. Anne Fung CES'85 &

  Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg

Katherine & Stephen Hirschfeld

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kushner

Ms. Sandra La Ferrera

Mr. Corey Linehan '08'04

Mr. Christopher McPhee SHB'96

Ms. Patricia Perry &

  Dr. Stephen McPhee

Mr. Joshua Smith SHB'88

Ms. Autumn Woish '96

Unkefer Award

Mrs. Mary Ann M. St. Peter DS

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Mr. Greg Keeney SHB'01

Janet Erskine Stuart Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Bollier DS

DC Director's Club member DS Duchesne Society member  * Matching Gift

Honorary & Memorial Gifts

We are honored to be the beneficiary of the following honorary and memorial gifts:

In Memory of Phyllis Charlton

Mrs. Jeanne Ferrari Quinlan '52'48

Ms. Christina Karas

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Onken

Mrs. Roselyn Reynolds Caselli '73

In Memory of Walter Farrell

Mrs. Jeanne Ferrari Quinlan '52'48

Mr. & Mrs. Reid Schar

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Schar

In Memory of Sheila St. Sure '61

Mr. Richard L. Chenault DS

Mrs. Lorraine Smith Scullion '76'72 &  
  Mr. James Scullion

In Honor of Rita Williams

Ms. Anita Watkins

In Memory of Mary Lou Giannini Growney '59

Dr. Avraham Giannini

Duchesne Society

Members of the Duchesne Society have honored the school by including Convent & Stuart Hall in their estate plans. We are especially grateful to the following donors for ensuring Sacred Heart education will continue to thrive in San Francisco for many generations to come. 

Anonymous (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Aaron

Ms. Mary Ashe '48

Mrs. Marina de Alarcon Barnett '37'33† &

  Dr. Robert C. Barnett†

Ms. Judith Mahnke &

  Mr. Marc Baum

Mrs. Anne-Marie Bengle Walker '69'65 &

  Mr. David Walker

Mme. Zette Bleecker†

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Bollier

Ms. Katie Budge

Ms. Mildred M. Bulger '19†

Mr. Michael Bykhovsky

Ms. Marilyn Charm

Mr. Richard L. Chenault

Mr. & Mrs. C. Don Clay

Mrs. Andrea Deville Collins &

  Mr. Stephen B. Collins

Ms. Rosemary A. Cozzo†

Mr. & Mrs. Turner Croonquist†

Mrs. Vivian Espindola Cullen '49†

Mrs. Helen Neuwald Cullinan '25†

Mrs. Joan Lewis Danforth '49'45

Mrs. Kathleen O'Connor Dargie '54

Mrs. Helen Dawson†

Mrs. Malvina Riccardi Digardi '23†

Mrs. Yvonne Rossi Dolan '43'39†

Ms. Mary A. Dolen CES'52

Frances Ward Doolan†

Mrs. Angela Hackett Driver '49

Ms. Diane Duacsek CES'71

Mr. Jared C. Ede

Ms. Carol Ede

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Eggert

Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Ehrlich, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Gregory Engel

Ms. Christine Evans CES'67

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Ferrero

Mr. Charles A. Fracchia

Ms. Bonnie Fraenza

Dr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Fung

Ms. Elvera Fusco SFCW'50†

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Gersovitz

Ms. Maria R. Gonzalez

Dr. Maurice R. Growney, Sr.†

Mr. James W. Guerin KM SHB'50†

Mrs. Adele Lucke Haley 1913, 1909†

Ms. Cynthia C. Harper

Mrs. Patricia O'Shea Hayden '39†

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Heafey

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Herbert II DC

Mr. Frank Howard, Jr. SHB'50

Mrs. Marie Louise Fair Hughes '31'27†

Mrs. Marianne Sullivan Jennings '34'30†

Mr. & Mrs. Seishi Jiromaru

Dr. Gordan Juan

Ms. Robin Juan '05'01

Mr. & Mrs. Jin-Soo Kang

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Karrenbrock

Ms. Helen Keating 1909, 1904†

Ms. Mary Kenny

Mr. Benjamin A. King†

Ms. Maryann Kirchner

Mrs. Patty Landers† &

  Mr. Thomas F. Landers

Mrs. Maryliz de Vito Lincoln SFCW'65†

Diana Ilo Liu Peng '84 &

  Shih-Wei Peng DC

Mrs. Mary Elena Rossi Long '42'38†

Ms. Patricia Munter '86 &

  Mr. Jeffrey Loomans DC

Mrs. Eileen Ludwig† &

  Mr. James J. Ludwig

Mrs. Brenda O'Connor MacLean '63 &

  Mr. Donald MacLean

Ms. Catherine Garzio &

  Mr. Martin Mattes

Grace & Patrick Maughan†

Mr. Garret W. McEnerney, Esq.†

Ms. Clare McEvoy '31'27†

Ms. Mary McGerity

Mrs. Clara Perez McInerney '75 &

  Mr. James McInerney

Mr. and Mrs. George V. McKeever, Sr.†

Cyr McMillan '35'31†

Yukiko Michael Meadows '90'86 &

  Michael Meadows

Mr. Russell R. Miller SHB'50†

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Miller SHB'62

Mrs. Ann Gray Miller '62'58

E. Ward & Marie Minchin†

Mrs. Carolyn Mitsuda† &

  Mr. Toshio Mitsuda

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mizono

Mrs. Florian McGuire Moore '43†

Mrs. Catherine von Warton Morshead '49'45

Mrs. Jane Boardman Mowry '50'46

Ms. Doris Munstermann†

Ms. Debra Kasper &

  Mr. Michael Neville

Mrs. Alice Petty O'Dea '29†

Ms. Marie L. Owen '47'43†

Mrs. Barbara Parrott &

  Mr. William G. Parrott, Jr.†

Claire Pesiri &

  Emil Pesiri

Ms. Pamela Poon '75

Mr. Robert Lane &

  Mr. Don Propstra

Ms. Karen Randall

Mr. & Mrs. James Reily

Mrs. Lois Roth &

  Mr. Arthur L. Roth

Ms. Barbara Row '45'41†

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Russell

Dr. Anita Ostrom &

  Rev. Richard Schaper

Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. Schneider†

Ms. Tracy Sena

Dr. Mary Magnano Smith &

  Mr. Glen Smith†

Ms. Laurie Ede Soran '84'80

Mrs. Maureen Harty Specchierla '61'57 &

  Mr. Lawrence A. Specchierla

Mr. Michael St. Peter† &

  Mrs. Mary Ann M. St. Peter

Mrs. Marti Sullivan &

  Mr. Ronald F. Sullivan†

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Torrano

Mrs. Vivian T. Trost SFWC†

Mrs. Joanne Fusco Tumminia '53'49†

Mrs. Diane van der Zee† &

  Mr. John van der Zee

Ms. Janice Vela '72'68

Ms. Hilda Velado†

Mrs. Maud Weidenmuller Whalen '25'21†

Mrs. Violet Williamson &

  Mr. John A. Williamson II†

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Wolfe DC

Mrs. Colleen Murphy Woodard '57'53 &

  Mr. William L. Woodard

Mrs. Patricia Tarantino Woodley '53† &

  Mr. Ralph M. Woodley

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Yamagami

 May they live in the fullness of God's love.

DC Director's Club member DS Duchesne Society member  * Matching Gift

Cor Unum Society
A Lifetime of Exceptional Generosity

Members of the Cor Unum Society are recognized for giving $1,000,000 or more to Convent & Stuart Hall over a lifetime through major gifts, gifts to the Annual Fund and endowment giving.

Anonymous (2)

Mrs. Linda Voigt-Coates &

  Mr. Thomas Coates DC 

Ms. Monica Devereux &

  Mr. Chris Columbus

Mrs. Gayle Conway &

  Mr. Ronald Conway SHB'66

Rosemary Cozzo Trust DS

Elvera L. Fusco Trust

Dr. Monica Lopez &

  Mr. Sameer Gandhi DC 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Gersovitz DS

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Herbert II DC DS

Kamilla Hurley &

  John K. Hurley

Mr. Roger S. Siboni

Ms. Joan Siboni

Mr. & Mrs. Holden Spaht DC 

Mrs. Marcia Syufy DC 

DC Director's Club member DS Duchesne Society member  * Matching Gift


The 2018–19 Annual Report was produced by the Advancement and Business Offices at Convent & Stuart Hall. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listings. If you are a donor from 2018–19 and your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and email

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